Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recently I have been asked to speak at a national transportation function. The first thing that crosses my mind is “what do I have to share, and who has time to share “expertise” when everyone is clearly focused on sales, profits, and basically survival. After thinking about it, that becomes my very industry topic; “Translating ‘on board’ information and technology into profit.”

Of course, this subject can have many interpretations and naysayers. Every one of my clients has an aversion to technology; forget that… they have an overall aversion to change!

So here I am in the middle of a recession, asked to speak about a topic near and dear to my heart… with no time to do it. I must say, the process has helped me collaborate and align with key industry partners to deliver a valuable message.

As I hammer through the presentation I will post my thoughts for your valuable comments.

Something to think about...

Q. How do you view your assets (trucks/trailers/employees/etc)?
“Necessary evils”
“Vital to running the company”
“Costly to maintain and manage”
“Money makers”
… Your mindset is important to understanding the difference between profit and cost management.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How the CyntrX tracking device works

The CyntrX tracking device is actually a “transceiver” which means it transmits and receives information. Similar to a cellphone the CyntrX unit contains a GPS chip for location data, and a GSM chip to relay the GPS location data to the cellular network. As you apply power for the first time, the CyntrX unit works through a learning process of determining it’s location as it performs a series of self diagnostic tests.

After applying power to the CyntrX unit you will observe the diagnostic lights begin to blink. The diagram above shows the orientation of the lights and the function they represent.As the CyntrX unit runs through it’s self diagnostic tests and it acquires a GPS and a cellular “lock”, those lights will go solid and, within 5 minutes, all 3 lights will turn off. The units is now successfully installed and may be tracked.

More information coming soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008